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Everything easy... with the i Live community app! We have developed our app especially for our residental complexes so that you will quickly feel at home here. You should feel completely comfortable while staying in Urban Living Nürnberg.

Opening the app you will find answers to your questions, access data, many appointments, contact data and much more. It is a supplement beside your modern lifestyle apartment so that studying, living and celebrating in our complex will be an unforgettable time for you!

Community Manager

A great community team looks after your well-being at any time. One part of this team is the community manager: your personal contact for all questions and problems.

The community manager...

  • ... takes care of our tenants and gives advices if necessary,
  • ... regularly offers consultation hours for the tenants,
  • ... looks after the observance of the house rules,
  • ... manages all rental items and services,
  • ... organizes community events,
  • ... accepts your parcels and mail,
  • ... coordinates services such as the shirt cleaning service,
  • ... helps you to move in and move out,
  • ... takes care of special requests,
  • ... overviews reservations for the common kitchen and the common areas
    and last but not least
  • ... ensures that the apartment complex is clean and tidy.

The community manager fulfils many tasks and special services, With this excellent service which far exceeds the "usual" we ensure that our tenants are happy and satisfied.

Common area - learning lounge

Community is the most important value here! Learning, chilling, relaxing - that's much more fun togehter. Because of this you will find many great community areas from the learning lounge to the roof terrace. The learning lounge is appointed with tabletop football, a kitchenette and many cosy sitting areas.


service - roof deck with other residents

Chill out and enjoy the sun, end the day on our community terrace after work - what could be better? Get to know your new neighbours, your best friends may live right next door!

Fitness room

URBAN LIVING Nürnberg stands for community, comfort and fitness. Therefore we have got our own fitness room. You will find different pieces of sports equipment for your very personal training program.
Doing sports and training without leaving your home, cool - isn't it?


beehive on our roof deck in the student accommodation nürnberg

don´t worry - bee happy

Visit our beehive on the roof-deck and see how the bee population develops. Be there when the honey is harvested and learn more about these unique creatures. You can watch the beekeeper at work every two weeks in summer.

Let´s brighten up your day

Our partners to sweeten your life during your stay at Urban Living Nürnberg. The services are easy to order and use via our i Live App.

Persil Service Online

What name immediately conjures up the scent of fresh, clean laundry in your mind? Right – Persil.Persil is now available at i Live. Just send your laundry super easily by post to Persil and get it back cleaned ASAP.

persil logo


Turn your photos into wall art. Simply beam your favourite photos directly from your smartphone to the wall via app? Mixtiles offers a simple solution and sends your square picture directly to your flat.

mixtiles logo




In our large launderette you will find numerous washing machines and dryers which you can use for a small fee.



cleaning service for apartments

No time or too lazy to clean your room? No problem - we have got a cleaning service. Note your interest via app or ask our community manager for it. We will look after an appointment with our service team.

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